MSR Hubba Review

MSR Hubba

The MSR Hubba Tent is a well known 1 person tent within the backpacking community which now has the MSR Hubba HP model for those reducing weight and have a preference for the differences between both

This MSR Tent is a three season solo tent produced by Cascade Designs. Lightweight and geared for hiking and backpacking whether on the beach, in the woods or on a mountain trail this tent has some extremely nice features.

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MSR Tent Features

  • Minimum weight less than 3 pounds and package weight is 3 pounds 6 ounces making it lightweight to carry even on those rougher treks
  • Hubbed pole design which allows more room inside the tent
  • water proof rainfly
  • breathable mesh body
  • vestibule for storing gear is 9 cubic feet
  • free standing
  • 17 square feet of floor space
  • Interior peak height 40 inches
  • optional foot print

Evidently, it’s pretty lightweight and portable enough for backpacking. Its fabric is a rip-stop nylon and Polyurethane coated with Silicone. This gives some good protection against snow, sand and wind.

Another point where the MSR Tent scores highly is quick set up, as the pole design makes it quite simple to set up. It comes with one supple DAC aluminum pole with a hub and swivel to offer substantial tent interior space and stability.

The vestibule is large for a solo tent that should provide a dry entry into the gear and boots storage area whilst still leaving room for other needs.

The Hubba has taped seams, stress points that are reinforced, ultralight stake loops, and door toggles that are user friendly. So it has the best and whistles!

For people who are backpacking for extended periods of time and prefer something a little larger and more comfortable than a bivy bag the MSR Hubba Tent fits the bill.

While small and lightweight it offers sitting up head room and an all mesh body for extra breathe-ability. Users find this one of the best solo tents on the market and reviews on various sites give this tent a consistent 4 to 4.5 star rating.

Pros and Cons of The MSR Hubba Tent

Of course, as the saying goes nothing is perfect so here are some of the things reviewers liked and did not like about the MSR 1 person Tent.


  • Ease of set up
  • Despite it’s tall design holds steady in high winds
  • Light weight
  • Great rain fly
  • breathe-ability
  • Price: under $300.00


  • Small vestibule
  • stake hooks a little on the small side
  • Actual Statements Made By Users


Its not the lightest backpacking tent for going solo on the market, although the room, vestibule and solid features beats many others overall. The size is also something to think about when making comparisons if your over 6 ft tall, as this fits the bill for you guys.

The MSR Hubba Tent is a reasonably priced, lightweight tent that is ideal for the backpacker or hiker. It sets up in minutes and has ample head room for most people even when setting up.

Able to stand up to high winds and heavy rain this tent seems ideal for 3 season camping and backpacking. For those campers who need or want to travel light this could be the perfect tent.

The MSR Hubba HP 1 person tent has slight differences to consider as mentioned above if someone really wants to lose a few ounces pack weight.