Marmot Limelight 3P Review

Marmot Limelight 3P

The Marmot Limelight 3P tent is a well-designed 3-person, 3 season tent.

Its design makes it incredibly easy to handle and set-up. It even features color coded webbing and poles to make set-up even easier.

This model has a D-shaped door  and a roomy side vestibule for extra in-tent storage. Other cool features are:

  • Poles: The 3 poles are DAC press fits that offer durability and they're easy fitting.
  • Floor: The floor style is the Catenary type with taped seams that will maximize space.
  • Clip design makes attaching the tent to the poles as simple as it could ever be.
  • 2 doors are provided for access in and out and 2 vestibule's for gear storage.
  • Rain fly is seam taped made form rip-stop polyester that provides durability and each fly door has a window.
  • Plenty of mesh on the inner tent promotes great ventilation.
  • Other stuff: Snag free zipper flaps, reflective guy points, reinforced corners add durability, gear pockets and gear loft for bits and bobs.

The Limelight 3P tent, like most Marmots, is designed well to perform for those that travel light and need comfort combined.

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Setting Up/Pitching

Pitching the Marmot Limelight 3P tent is very simple. Roll out the footprint + tent and stake it down then set up the two cross poles and connect the corners into the grommets. Hook on the tent by the clips then attach the smaller pole across the center. Once the inner is pitched just throw the rain- fly over the top after clipping in one side of the fly (this way makes it a little easier) then match up the clips on the other corners.

It should take the average user about 10 minutes to have this tent fully pitched.


The Limelight 3 person tent will sleep three backpackers at a bit of a squeeze which is to be expected. If Your looking for a shelter that will give 3 people plenty of room then this may not be the tent you need.

If two of you are backpacking or camping and want a roomy shelter then the Limelight is a perfect tent.

Basically it sleeps 3 people pretty close to each other or two with plenty of space for gear.

The two vestibules (5 square feet each) offer some gear storage space which is just enough for a pack and boots.

The maximum height is 117 centimetres which gives the average person enough room to kneel down and move around, but not much more.


The Marmot Limelight 3P has plenty of mesh sections within the inner tent and a good amount of space between the fly and inner that provides plenty of ventilation. Some users have had condensation problems while most people have had no problems at all.

The Limelight is designed to be used as a three season tent. If the poles and guy-lines are pitched out right there’s no reason a user should have any problems with windy conditions.

All the important seams are taped which prevents leaks when it rains.


This is not the lightest of tents for backpacking but even if 2 people split the weight they would only be carrying just over 3 lbs each which is not bad if comfort and room is needed above carrying less weight. For 3 people they would be carrying around 2lbs each.

If having the lightest tent available is your main concern start looking elsewhere.

The packing size 8 x 22 inches so each buyer needs to consider if this pack size is going to work or not, simple! All the measurements and specs are advertised so its down to you to see if its what you want.

Value For Money

The Marmot Limelight 3 Person is priced up at around $279.00 US so it’s within the mid price range for a 3 person, 3 season shelter. The quality of the design, features and the added footprint makes the tent a fair price.

Summary – Verdict

While this Marmot tent is not the lightest backpacking shelter on the market its a great option for those that are looking for something that provides comfort and plenty of ventilation for summer camping.

For three people its going be a squeeze, however, 2 people will have plenty of living space and room for storing gear.

There’s a lot to like about the Limelight and its a great choice for the right users, however, each buyer needs to look a the specs to decide if its going to meet their needs.