Kelty Yellowstone 6 Review

Kelty Yellowstone 6

The Kelty Yellowstone 6 tent is freestanding, which allows the tent to be set up without stakes or guylines. This is a positive when pitching, if deciding after getting inside the tent you have set up on uncomfortable or uneven ground the tent can be moved before using stakes.

Stakes and guylines and flysheet, will still be used after finding the correct spot for good stability and protection from weather.

Although designed to accommodate 6 adults, this tent can realistically accommodate four adults comfortably.

Overall this model makes a good tent and is good value for your money, however there are several drawbacks.

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Setting Up/Pitching

Setting up the Kelty Yellowstone 6 is made easy with the color coded clip construction. Clip construction is easier than using sleeves, although the weakness in clip construction is the possibility of them snapping.


Although the Kelty Yellowstone 6 is advertised to sleep six people, that many bodies inside of this tent will be like a tin of sardines, for sure. Most tents are advertised as maximum person tents, although 4 people is for comfort and room to manoeuvre and this applies for this Kelty camping tent.

At just over six feet in height, and 9.5 feet width + length, most will find that plenty of room for a dome style tent.


With most of the Kelty tents range, including this tent, do not suffer condensation issues, due to the mesh ceiling and side wall vents preventing condensation from building up.


Unfortunately this tent is not ideally durable. Poles made from fibreglass break easier that other aluminium types, over the long term. Zippers also tend to get caught, as mentioned by consumers. Many prefer a tent vestibule to store gear and other items whilst camping.

Value For Money

Despite this tent’s drawbacks, it is still good value for your money.

Summary – Verdict

The Kelty Yellowstone 6 person tent will suit a small family of four, conscious of not spending too much money for a tent, without buying the cheapest for $100, that will certainly not compare to this Kelty Yellowstone. Its purpose as a basic shelter serves well for recreational camping trips.

If you would like a Kelty tent that is lighter, with better poles and a vestibule for gear storage then its worth comparing the Kelty Grand Mesa Dome Tent, by returning to the Kelty Tents page.