Kelty Gunnison 4.3 Review

Kelty Gunnison 4.3

The Kelty Gunnison 4.3 tent is a 3 season shelter designed for those wanting a well designed and affordable tent for a car camping and possibly backpacking.

This tent is specifically designed to hold up well under a variety of weather conditions. While it is designed to accommodate 4 adults, the size of this tent will realistically provide roominess and comfort for 2 or 3 average adults or a family with 2 children.

It features double doors for easy access and attached vestibules for storage space, a bathtub style floor to prevent water seeping in through seems at ground level,  and taped seams for the body of the tent and fly. It also boasts strategically placed mesh wall panels and windows built in to the fly for optimal ventilation, as well as a nifty awning vestibule.

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Setting Up/Pitching

The simple two pole attached pitching design makes it extremely easy for one person to pitch despite it’s larger size. You simply fit the shock corded poles with the hub together and place them in the jakes foot pole attachment provided then attach the fly and your ready to go.

The Kelty Gunnison 4.3 is that easy to pitch it would only take most people just 5 or 10 minutes even in the dark. Some users have purchased this tent just for their children for family camping trips simply because it is so easy to pitch.


When it comes to size and roominess of the Kelty Gunnison 4.3, the tent gets mixed ratings and reviews both in the living space itself, and in the size of the vestibules.

While families with 2 adults and 2 smaller children will have plenty of room and everyone can sleep in comfort, putting 4 adults in this 4 person tent is going to mean being a little closer than most people would enjoy.

Two people can sleep in this tent with plenty of spare room which makes it a great choice for two people who are planning an extended car camping trip in the summer. And since this tent is about the same price as many two man tents, couples looking for room to spread out feel may find it the perfect choice.


The Kelty Gunnison 4.3 tent has a bathtub floor and sealed seams to help prevent even wind driven rain from getting inside the tent and ruining your camping trip.

Users have reported that this tent despite it’s tall 52” head clearance remains stable in high winds and keeps them high and dry even in the rainiest weather. Users also report that this tent keeps them warm and snug when temperature levels drop.

When it comes to ventilation the Gunnison gets top marks and performs well. The mesh walls, fly vents provide plenty of ventilation for summer camping. Some people have felt the side vents were two small to provide proper ventilation in humid conditions.


While this tent is lightweight for it’s size it does weigh enough to make it a less than desirable shelter for hikers even those who want a lot of space in their tent. However, it is the size of this tent that it makes it a great choice for those family car camping trips or for three users that are willing to split the pack weight.

The weight of Kelty 4.3 combined with it’s small packed size allows plenty of room in the car for all the other camping necessities and comfort as well as making it easy to pack and unpack between camping trips.


Although most users readily admitted that they had not tried this tent out under snowy conditions, they also stated that they would not be afraid to do so. Users also stated that this tent was made of high quality material and was strong and durable making it able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

Several users reported having owned this tent’s predecessor for a number of years, and expected this tent to last them as long as their last Gunnison lasted.

Value For Money

Kelty is well known for providing nicely designed shelters within an affordable price range and the Gunnison 4.3 is no exception. It cost’s around $40 more than the 3.3 model.

Summary – Verdict

The Kelty Gunnison 4.3 tent is a well made shelter that sells for about half the price of other 4 man tents of equal or comparable size. Kelty has taken special care to create a high quality, affordable tent that has good ventilation and is able to withstand various weather conditions.

While this tent will not accommodate 4 adults comfortably, and therefore isn’t ideally a 4 man shelter, it’s price makes it ideal for those couples or small families who want a good size and durable tent at a reasonable cost.

This tent is therefore recommended for couples or small families, looking for the ideal car camping tent or two to three adults adults willing to share the pack weight. The shared pack weight would be nice for 4 sharing, however, there’s just not enough space if four sleeping enthusiasts plan to get a good nights sleep.