Kelty Gunnison 3.3 Review

Kelty Gunnison 3.3

Kelty tents are known for their high quality and reasonable price and the Kelty Gunnison 3.3 tent is no exception.

This 3 person tent is suitable for 3 season use and is best used for car camping or backpacking with a partner. It makes use of aluminum poles and a polyester canopy to maintain a light weight.

The 3.3 provides an extremely versatile shelter for three season camping that's designed to keep you high and dry regardless of the weather.

It features easy pitching due to the hub swivel and Jacob foot design, double doors with 2 vestibules for storage, as well as taped fly and floor seams for additional weatherproofing.


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Setting Up/Pitching

The DAC poles and swivel hub system combined with the Jacob’s feet make setting up this tent a breeze even for the first time campers.

Most users should be able to set up this tent complete with fly in as little as 3 to 5 minutes. Although designed to be a three man tent one person can easily set up this tent themselves even in the dark. Pitching this tent really couldn’t be made any simpler or easier.


While this tent is designed for 3 average size people it would be an extremely close fit to get three people inside.

It is better suited for just two adults or two adults and one young child, although many users report that this tent is plenty large enough to fit two adults and one very large dog comfortably with extra space for storage.

The vestibules, are large enough for a backpack and a pair of boots, though several users stated they would like more vestibule space.


If there is one place that the Kelty Gunnison 3.3 tent outshines most of it’s competition (within it’s price range), it is in the weatherproofing and ventilation.

The taped seam on the tent’s floor and on the fly helps keep rain from leaking in around the seams. The fly can be drawn almost completely down to the ground to keep rain from coming into the vents and the small vents in the fly allows more air circulation without compromising this tent as a weather proof shelter.

Actual users have stated that the Gunnison holds up in rain, snow, extreme heat, and high winds with no problems what so ever.

Buyers have also reported 3.3 has adequate ventilation, does not build up condensation, and stays warm even at temperatures as lower as 27 degrees.


This Kelty Gunnison tent is somewhat more weighty than some people will like, however for those who put comfort and roominess as their first consideration the extra weight really doesn’t seem to faze them and when divided among two hikers the 3 pounds 4 ounces each hiker carries is a reasonable if not perfect weight.

Considering the weight to space ratio this shelter is more than a reasonable choice especially for those who are planning extended backpacking trips where comfort becomes more important the longer you camp.

Many users also felt the simple and quick set up made up for the extra amount of weight.


Overall, the 3.3 is extremely well made and durable. The floor is a bit thin to help keep the weight of this tent in check so a footprint is recommended. However, most users found that it held up well in all types of conditions and that It was extremely tough even when used by families with rough and tumble small children.

Value For Money

This Kelty Gunnison 3.3 tent gives you great value for the money. Most users feel this tent compares favourably with higher priced three man tents in every area. In fact, some users stated that it’s less expensive and more durable than many smaller tents giving them more bang for their buck.

Summary – Verdict

The Kelty Gunnison 3.3 tent is a durable and comfortable shelter that is well worth it’s more than reasonable price.

It scores high in ratings from review sites all over the Net, and most users have plenty of great things to say about this tent. Even the few complaints that some users have are extremely minor and did not seem to affect their high ratings for this tent whatsoever.

If you are looking for a roomy and comfortable tent with great ventilation and plenty of useful extras for those two person hiking trips or for your next car camping trip then the 3.3 is highly recommended.