Kelty Gunnison 2 Person Tent Review

Kelty Gunnison 2 Person Tent

The Kelty Gunnison 2.3 tent is designed for those looking for a decent shelter with an affordable price tag. This tent is suitable for either camping or backpacking.

In the Kelty Gunnison you get a lightweight, spacious shelter that works well for both overnight and extended 3 season camping trips.

This model has backpacking friendly compact folding poles, a roll top cube carry bag, and a footprint included. It also features two D-style doors for and door storage pockets to give you easy access to gear you need quickly.

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Setting Up/Pitching

This Kelty tent is extremely easy to set up due to its hubbed pole design with Jacob feet. Users report that they can set this tent up in the dark without any trouble and children as young as 11 can easily set the tent up without assistance.

The Gunnison 2.3 would make an ideal tent for families who hike with their pre-teens or teenagers (tent for them and one for the parents), couples and the solo base camping enthusiast.

Most users report the most difficult thing about pitching this tent is getting the fly sheet that goes over the top stretched out properly.


The Kelty Gunnison 2.3 tent comfortably sleeps 2 adults even those slightly over 6 feet tall. The double doors makes it easy for campers to get in and out of the tent without climbing over their camping partner, while the 40” of head space makes it easy for almost all users to sit up comfortably.

While this tent is not the lightest 2 man tent on the market the weight to space ratio is extremely good, and allows for a comfortable night of rest for two full grown adults without feeling as though they are packed like sardines in a can.

The inside mesh storage allows for the storing of flashlights, glasses and other small gear inside the tent while the two 10.2 vestibules are seen as plenty large enough for storing boots, shoes and backpacks.


This three season 2 man tent is ideal for the purpose it is designed for. Users have reported using this tent in all kinds of weather conditions including extreme heat, high winds (up to 50 m/h) heavy rains and even light to medium snow and it has withstood every weather condition thrown its way.

Most users find the ventilation in this Kelty tent to be good, and report that there is little or no condensation build up on the inside of the tent even in humid conditions. They love the fact that on hot dry nights they can tie back the fly at the front of the vestibule and allow cooling breezes to blow through the tent.

The mesh top of the tent as well as the built in vents allows for good ventilation even when the tent is closed up during heavy rains.


While this Kelty tent is a little on the heavy side for the single hiker or backpacker who just wants extra space, it is the ideal tent for two people when the load is divided between their packs.

One needs to keep in mind that this tent is designed for those hikers or backpackers who plan for a longer extended trip rather than those who are just camping overnight or for a weekend, where comfort over a longer period of time is more important than having the lightest load possible. With a carrying weight of only 3 pounds each when this tent is divided between two hikers, it makes for the ideal compromise between weight and space.

While a few users did mention they felt the weight of this tent was a little on the heavy side, most users felt that the added space provided comfort for those week or longer stays in a variety of weather conditions.


When it comes to durability most users agree that this is one of the most durable tents they had ever used. This tent seems to stand up to whatever Mother nature throws at it including high winds, torrential rains, and even moderate snows.

Users report that this tent’s rugged seams, and strong, but lightweight poles make this tent exceptionally durable.

Interesting enough this tent also earned extra durability points for being easy to clean up after being subjected to high winds blowing ocean salt into the material. These users reported that simply hosing off the tent, got rid of the all salt and left the tent looking as good as new.

Value For Money

At around $200.00 this tent gives excellent value for the money you spend, holding up as well if not better than tents that cost $100.00 more.

Even car campers, who only camp occasionally agree that this tent is both spacious and affordable making it well worth the price.

Summary – Verdict

The Kelty Gunnison 2.3 tent is designed to provide optimal shelter and comfort to the average hiker, backpacker, and car camper to whom these features matter.

While this tent may be a bit on the heavy side for the single backpacker or hiker who is just planning a short weekend jaunt, or who likes the idea of travelling as light as possible, it is the ideal tent for those who want the space inside their tent to echo the wide open spaces where they love to camp.

The durability of this tent combined with the tents spaciousness and more reasonable price makes it an excellent buy for all but the true minimalist campers.