Eureka Titan Tent Review

Eureka Titan Tent

The Eureka Titan tent is a luxury Eureka tent we reviewed to find out if its a family tent worth the price tag and offers features to classify it as luxurious.

This Eureka cabin style tent is described by buyers as the home-from-home family tent and has satisfied many in search for perfect family size tents for summer camp outs.

When it comes to camping, everyone knows that it is important to have the right equipment. There are many different pieces of equipment that one would need to obtain before heading out on a camping trip, and one of the most important is a tent. There are a number of qualities a decent tent needs, especially in certain conditions that can cover the needs of various campers.

Our Tent Review


The Eureka Titan Tent is one that provides 128 square feet of roaming area, allowing up to eight people to sleep comfortably. Unlike many tents, the walls on this one are almost vertical, meaning there is room to stand, and if privacy is of any concern, the tent comes with a divider that you can deploy in the event you are having a co-ed camping event.

Note that this tent can sleep more than eight or less dependent on the space and comfort you require for the family.

Eureka Titan Specifications:

  • Area: 128 square feet
  • Floor size: 13 feet, 6 inches by 9 feet, 6 inches
  • Center height: 7 feet
  • Wall fabrics: 70D nylon taffeta with 1200mm coating/ 1.9 oz. permeable taffeta nylon
  • Floor fabrics: 4-ounce 210D Oxford polyester with 1200mm coating
  • Fly fabrics: 2-ounce 75D StormShield
  • Pack size: 12 by 29 inches
  • Weight: 32 pounds


Eureka Titan Tent Review


The Eureka Titan Tent is well ventilated and takes only 20 minutes or so to set up and break down. One thing that people dread when pulling into their campsite is setting up, and this tent can certainly eliminate that fear when used properly (tip: use instructions).

The floor of the tent resembles a bathtub, meaning you will have the best protection from wet weather as the floor rises from the ground keeping important seems free from leaks.

With this Eureka Tent you should never be wet, or find yourself exposed to the elements, rain, wind or shine.

The near vertical walls is a real advantage when choosing a camping tent, as with this tent, it gives the best interior space a family camping tent can provide. Also, aliminium poles give this tent a solid structure and durability, thats required for a cabin style tent.

The removal internal divider is also very positive to enable the tent to provide two rooms for privacy needs, or to keep as one large room for a family with very young children.

This is a tent with the bells and whistles that includes a corner closet that enables the use of hangers, clothesline rings, and mesh storage pockets on the ceiling panels.

The two large doors makes sure access in and out of this Eureka tent is made easy. Ventilation enabled by the six windows makes summer evenings a pleasure and a great prevention from condensation.


The Eureka Titan tent is expensive at about $500, though many would argue that it is much cheaper than staying a night at a hotel.

In addition to that, the tent is a bit heavy, and if you are hiking to a remote camping site, you may find yourself faltering under it’s weight. Although, this is car camping tent and not meant to be inside a pack.


In any case, what you have here is a top quality tent that will shield you and your family from the elements. Though it is expensive, there are many who would say it is well worth its huge price tag. Take note that there are indeed other, cheaper alternatives out there, though they might not all offer the same protection from the elements.

Whether or not you want to spend the money on such a high end product will depend on your needs, as well as how many people you plan to take camping with you. That said, this is a great tent that will make the outdoor experience much more enjoyable.