Eureka Spitfire Tent Review

Eureka Spitfire Tent

The Eureka Spitfire Tent review includes the Eureka Spitfire Solo and UL one man backpacking tents, with their pros and cons we evaluate this tent line.

From the hospital tents of WWII, to expeditions along the Nile, to sheltering the Kennedy family during lavish parties Eureka tents have been just about everywhere one could imagine.

From backyards to the Outback and beyond, the Eureka spitfire is made lightweight for those who want to spend a little time off the beaten track. Here are three of, Eureka's spitfire tent models that are made for those with an adventurous spirit

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Eureka Spitfire Tent Reviewed

Eureka 1 Person Solo Spitfire Tent

The Eureka 1 Person Solo Spitfire tent is a 2 lb 3oz. Tent designed to provide backpackers with a little more space for the nights spent under stars.

The vestibule is 4.4 square feet, with plenty of sleeping room inside the tent itself.

Features of this tent include:

  • 1 door
  • clip/sleeve hoop
  • taped seams
  • full mesh window
  • life time warranty

This handy little tent seems to have all the basic equipment for a comfortable night or weekend spent in the wilds of the forest, mountains or your own backyard.

Surprisingly, according to most consumers this little tent has several good points and few bad.

The Good

  • Ease of set up
  • Pretty roomy
  • Good view of night sky

The Not So Good

  • Zippers leave a gap at the bottom

This tent actually received many rave reviews. Reviews found it to be the perfect backpacking tent, “not too big and not too small” as one reviewer put it.

There were few bad reviews of this tent and the one I did find, the reviewer seemed to think the tent was too light to be practical. Everyone else seemed to like it and found it capable of keeping them warm and dry when the need arose.

The Eureka Solo Spitfire Tenteureka spitfire tent is definitely worth considering more and comparing with other solo camping tents.

Eureka UL Spitfire

The Eureka Spitfire UL Solo tent is slightly lighter than the Eureka Spitfire 1 tent. This camping tent weighs in 2lbs 5 oz.

The features of this Eureka spitfire ultra light include:

  • Single hoop 8.84mm DAC Frame
  • no see em tent body
  • poke out vent in fly
  • lifetime warranty

Pros And Cons

Users of the Eureka Spitfire ultra light design tent liked it almost as well as users liked the Eureka Spitfire solo.

The pros included:

  • Ease of set up
  • lightweight
  • lifetime warranty
  • price

What users were not so impressed with is that there seemed to be less room inside, and they felt that the tent might be a bit fragile for regular use.

Most felt the outer fly lacked something to be desired and one reviewer even suggested tossing out the fly and covering the Eureka Solo Spitfire UL Tenteureka spitfire solo with a tarp.

Eureka Spitfire 2 Person Tent

Not every backpacking trip needs to be a solo trip and recognizing this Eureka has designed the Spitfire 2 person tent.

This tent has some very nice features including:

  • 2 pole hoop style
  • post and grommet corner
  • featherlite 7000 series aluminum frame
  • 2 side opening doors for easy access for both people
  • 2 inside storage pockets
  • bathtub floor

Reviews also seemed to take a shine to this Eureka spitfire tent although very limited in comparison to the above Eureka tents, but liking its design and stability.

The list of pros include:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy set up

The main con that was mention for this Eureka spitfire tent was that it was somewhat bulky which affects backpacking trips. Also, other backpacking tents may prove to be lighter and offer more room.

Most of the reviewers couldn’t say enough about labeling the Eureka! Spitfire 2 Person Tenteureka camping tent as “Dry and Stable.”


The Eureka Spitfire line of tents seem to be great tents at a good price. Most users really liked these tents having great things to say about them with only a few minor negatives.

The leakage problems that people have been experiencing in some of Eureka’s other tent lines does not seem to be a problem in these tents. Any one of these Eureka spitfire tents including the Eureka Spitfire Solo would be a good value depending on your individual needs.