Columbia Cougar Flats Tent Review

Columbia Cougar Flats Tent

The Columbia Cougar Flats tent is the ideal family tent, with ample room this 8 person tent is amongst the best cabin style tents for a family seeking comfort, easy access and a home from home.

The Columbia Sportswear company started out making hats and soon branched out into jackets and then a number of products for people who enjoy spending time out of doors.

This Columbia tent is a family tent that this company offers at a more than reasonable price for the family who enjoys spending time together in the great out of doors.

It's a large tent with plenty of nice features to make family camping more organized and comfortable.

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Features of the Columbia Cougar Flats Tent

Just viewing the list of features that the Columbia Cougar Flats tentcolumbia cougar flats ii tent has will make most people sit up and notice. This is one fully loaded tent with some really incredible features.

  • Combined dome and cabin style tent offers a great look
  • Sleeps up to 8 people
  • The zip in room divider allows you to make this tent a one or two room tent which ever you prefer.
  • 4 doors for easy access in and out of the tent
  • 2 bay windows
  • Clean sweep zipper floor flap for ease of sweeping
  • Remote control light and venting system
  • 86″ of headroom
  • Electrical ports
  • Overhead storage
  • Hanging drink cup holders
  • Hanging shelf unit
  • 2 organizer pockets
  • Comes with a carry bag with wheels for easily mobility

The Columbia Cougar Flats 8 person tent is one big tent and perfect for family camping. Reviewers were astounded by the size of this tent when it was set up and one reviewer described this tent as being “more like a small house with some camping features.”

Reviews for this tent were overwhelmingly favorable for the most part with very few negative comments. Reviewers had a long list of pros for this tent.

Pros of The Columbia Cougar Flats ii Family Tent

Here are just some of the most often mentioned pros that reviewers listed for this Columbia tent:

  • Plenty of room
  • Headroom, you can really walk upright all through this tent
  • Easy to set up, the color coded poles makes it a snap
  • Great ventilation
  • very sturdy tent
  • All those organizers help to keep thing neat and tidy
  • bay windows offer a great view
  • More than reasonably priced for the size and all the extras
  • loved the electrical ports

Of course one rarely finds a product that everyone loves and that someone doesn’t find fault with and the Columbia Cougar Flats is no exception. While this tent received few negative comments there are one or two worth noting.

Cons Of The Cougar Flats

There were only two negative comments concerning the Columbia Cougar Flat worth noting.

Those were that the rain fly did not extend far enough past the entry way allowing for water to get in when it was raining and a person entered or exited.

The other was after a few uses some users found that the rain protection wore off rather quickly and a spray sealant was needed to keep water out once the original sealant wore off.


Overall, the Columbia cougar flats tent is a great family tent with lots of space and headroom for a comfortable camping experience.

With the remote control light and all the extra storage features this Columbia tent is probably one of the better designed reasonably priced 8 person tent on the market today.

This would be a great tent for anyone wanting space and the feeling of cabin living while camping.