Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent Review

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster 6 person tent is designed for small to medium sized families needing a shelter that can provide plenty of living space.

With a 153 square foot footprint, this is one of the larger tents available, and Coleman is well-known for providing large cabin tents for family camping. Their Weathermaster range rates well among competing brands for this style of tent.

Included in that 153 square feet is the main compartment's 99 square feet divided into two rooms, as well as a convenient 54 square foot screened-in vestibule. The vestibule, while it doesn't have a floor that's attached to the tent, is perfect for keeping the family's outdoors equipment and shoes close at hand yet out of the sleeping quarters. Or, if you bring your own floor or sleeping mats, it can be used as an extra sleeping room.

Let's take a look inside the Coleman Weathermaster 6-person tent in the video review below, before examining it in a bit more detail below that.

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Setting Up/Pitching

The WeatherMaster Coleman 6 person tent is pretty easy to set up with 2 people but needs the usual practice run in the back yard. It should take about 30 minutes to get it set up, if a user follows the instruction manual that comes with the tent.

Color coded sleeves and poles help match up what poles go where, that definitely makes it easier. The fly is a rain cover for the top section rather than a full fly that’s not required for a summer recreational camping tent.

Like most cabin style or family tents they need a little patience and good use of instructions to get pitched up well without hassle, so with these two ingredients a new user should have no problems, at all.

The stakes are flimsy which is easily overcome by replacing them with stronger ones.

You may want to bring a tarp or your own type of floor covering as the screened room has no-flooring. Whatever flooring you use do try and keep the edges inside the room otherwise water could seep in if it rains.


Providing ample room and a spacious interior is what the Coleman WeatherMaster 6 person tent does well.

While the tent is advertised as a six person capacity model I would suggest 2 adults, 2 children and a baby using a cot or some kind of variation of this.

The screened room is something a lot of families will appreciate having. This area can be used for whatever a user finds fit, from sitting down to eat a meal, relaxing in the shade reading a book, or just extra storage space.


The Weathemaster stands up well against rain and fairly high winds due to its pole structure. It’s not a shelter to be tested in the worst of conditions, however, if a storm folds in one evening, it will see you through the night if it’s pitched well.

Keeping the tent well ventilated is easily done with the vent window provided, and by rolling up the door flaps, keeping the mesh zipped up.

If your camping in a climate where you will not expect rain the rain-fly can be left down which will provide a user with a bug protection type shelter with loads of ventilation and a star gazing opportunity. The rain-fly can also come down for the day and put up for the night if needed.


Cabin style tents are not the most durable of shelters to buy and use, however, for recreational camping trips the WeatherMaster is deigned well enough to last.

The main poles are made from steel which are more durable than if they were made from fiber glass. The smaller fibre glass poles provided are not used for any part of main the structure which will help them to last longer too.

Value For Money

When I compare the price and quality of the Coleman WeatherMaster 6 person tent with other similar tents the price tag of $299 from Coleman (much cheaper at other stores) is fair.


For a family needing a shelter that provides plenty of living space and great ventilation for those summer recreational camping trips then it’s definitely worth considering.

Pitching can be an issue for some users , however, a husband and wife with a set of instructions should not really have any problems at all.

Overall it’s a sturdy and spacious shelter that’s going to keep families camping in comfort.