Coleman Weathermaster 10 Review

Coleman Weathermaster 10

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent is designed for summer camp outs and extended trips with large groups.

It provides 153 square feet of floor space and a maximum 6' 8" head height. It is easy to set up, making it a convenient option for family camping.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this family shelter to give you a good idea if it would be suitable for your needs.

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Setting Up/Pitching

Pitching the Coleman Weathermaster 10 is pretty straight forward when following the instructions with two people setting it up . Having two people will make it easier when standing up the 3 main pole sections otherwise one person could do it but, a little slower.

The color coded poles and sleeves gives some guidance on which pole goes where that assist in setting up. The fly is not a full rain-fly which reduces an extra bit of pitching to be done. The fly is draped across the top and attached to the main poles then staked down with guy-lines.

It takes most people around 20-30 minutes to set the tent up. I would advise a new buyer to do a trial run in the backyard to get a good idea of how to set it up and of course to make sure no parts are faulty.

Features And Design

Once it’s set up a nice feature especially for the kids that cannot open and close zippers very well is the hinged door. There’s also another door on other side which is not hinged for access in and out.

If a user needs an electrical port then a section to feed a cable through is provided.

The cooler box and air vent at the bottom seems to be useless. Who puts a cooler box next to an outer wall of a tent? And, air vents only work when they’re higher up although it may help a little.

The cabin style design maximizes room which is explained below.


There’s not a lot of 10 person capacity tents on the market that can sleep 10 people. The Weathermaster 10 is no different. To sleep 10 you would have to all use sleeping pads rather than air mattresses, however, this is the standard when looking at the capacity of a tent.

For a family of 4 to 6 people this shelter is ideal, if it’s a roomy tent that’s needed. Three double air mattresses will fit inside that will sleep six comfortably.

Cabin style tents offer the best of living space because of the near vertical walls, however, the disadvantage is weather protection. See below!


The cabin design will not stand up against storms and bad weather like a dome shaped shelter will. However, if an overnight storm sets in and the tent is set up and staked down well it could still be standing in the morning. The best advice would be to avoid a storm altogether and remember to give the tent a coat of spray water-proofer to prevent leaks.

The Weathermaster has plenty of ventilation that’s designed for summer camping. The mesh ceiling and windows provided offers plenty of air circulation. Keeping the doors open and window flaps down provides maximum ventilation.

While some users have had their Coleman Weathermaster 10 tent stand up in poor weather conditions others have complaints. Keep in mind it’s a summer tent!


The Weathermaster is going to keep a family “happy camping” for a few years or so, if its looked after well.

Fiberglass poles and shock cords will break if not taken care of properly and become damaged after long term use. The main poles which are the most important are made from steel and durable enough to last longer than the actual tent.

Value For Money

Coleman’s retail price is a little steep at $299. If a buyer can pick one up for around $260 or under and its right shelter they’re looking for then, it’s price is fair. I’m thinking $200 is what I would be willing to pay.

Summary – Verdict

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person shelter is a roomy, well ventilated and easy to pitch tent suitable for up to 6 people, maybe 7.

While it can stand up in an unexpected rainy weather, if a buyer expects to camp out in poor weather conditions ( high winds/storms) the Coleman may not be the best choice when comparing how a decent dome tent can see a user through a storm.

For a family camping out in the summer needing a spacious shelter to share its a good option if you can get one at the right price.