Coleman Sundome Tent Review

Coleman Sundome Tent

The Coleman Sundome tent is the budget option camping tent, with various opinions on how the Coleman Sundome tents performs, its likely these Coleman tents will not suit everyone's needs.

Coleman Sundome tents range from two person models to much larger tents that will accommodate quite a number of campers.

We explain the features for the Coleman Sundome 2 and other sizes, with our ratings.

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Coleman Sundome Tent Reviews

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

The Coleman 2 person tent has one room with an affordable price tag, for the camper who does not need a lot of extra room.

The Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent has several features that make it a basic tent to purchase and is mainly recommended for first time campers, small family car campers or someone solo camping.

This tent comes with a carry bag with separate sections for tent, poles and stakes and instructions on setting it up sewn into the bag.

The poles are shock corded, making for easy assembly along with the sleeves that are built in across the top of the tent. Floor space is 5 by 7 feet, with an interior pocket for gear and an electrical access port.

The structure of the Coleman Sundome 2 person tent makes it easy to assemble and it has 48 inches of height when set up.

The door is protected by a flysheet made of polyester and the floor is made of 1000D polyethylene whereas the inner tent is made of a high quality polyester mesh. Manufactured in China, this tent has a limited one year warranty.

The Coleman sundome 2 tent is a little heavy at 7 lbs 12 oz , which may prove too heavy for hiking and backpacking trips.

Priced at about $50 which is the lower end of the scale for tent prices.

Coleman Sundome Three Person Tent

The Coleman Sundome 3 Person Tent measures seven by seven feet with a height of 52 inches when fully set up, and has the dome structure for stability.

Three persons fit into the tent or 2 comfortably and it also has a system for ventilation, easy to set up and enjoy. The floor, inner tent and fly are all made from sturdy material that should shed water easily.

The bag that comes with the Coleman Sundome Tent has separate places for the tent, stakes and poles so they can be easy to find and store.

An interior pocket inside the tent is a great place to keep gear. The single door is easy to manipulate and there is an electrical access port.

Like all of the Coleman products the pin and ring design works well with the attachments to keep the tent upright in windy or stormy weather.

Coleman Sundome 5 Person Tent

Coleman advise 5 people can easily fit inside this tent, which is a roomy 10 X 10 feet and boasts a 72 inch height. We think 5 people would be a squeeze, 4 comfortably.

The five person tent has the same weather tec system that is patented to keep you dry in stormy or wet weather.

It is easy to set up with the two fiberglass poles and the sleeves which cross the tent to provide support.

Like the other Coleman Sundome Tents, this five person one has adjustable airflow, tough polyester material on both the outer and inner layers of the tent.

Primarily used for summer camp and small families who enjoy car camping. The price is affordable primarily due to it being manufactured in China with a one year warranty, and tent materials used are not as good quality as others.

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

This is the largest of the Colman Sundome tents that Coleman manufactures, measuring twelve by ten feet with a height of 72 inches and two rooms as well as double doors.

Coleman say the materials are built to last, with the characteristics that are part of this Coleman line. These include the easy to set up fiberglass poles and the sleeve system that encloses them across the top and sides for stability.

The bag, tent, poles and equipment fit in a separate place for each part that is needed, plus the instructions are printed then sewn into the bag.

The airflow into the tent can be easily controlled with the Variflo ventilation system, keeping the tent comfortable in hot weather.

The vent window has a privacy screen for security. There is a handy interior gear pocket as well as a place to plug in electronics if needed. The tents in the Sundome line are good affordable tents for campers. They are a good value for the money invested in them.

Reviews of this tent found it to hold up fairly well as long as the instructions were followed. There were some issues with the ability to hold up in very strong winds.


If you are looking for an affordable tent, there are several models in the Sundome line of tents that may meet your needs.

The Coleman Sundome tent is an option for those just trying camping out, and summer recreational camping.

Reports about leaks and lack of durability are often found, although the price will reflect the quality of most tents for camping and this is the case with the Coleman sundome tents.

If your wanting something lighter than the Coleman sundome 2 for backpacking and hiking there are plenty other better options, but you will have to spend more.

There are also family tents that are better quality than the Coleman sundome tent, although someone purchasing a tent will need to add at least an extra $100 on to the budget.