Coleman Montana Tent Review

Coleman Montana Tent

The Coleman Montana Tent models are family size tents with the smallest being the 4 man tent and the largest being the Coleman 8 person tent, also the elite model comes with added features

Coleman has long been known for making affordable camping supplies and they are one of the largest suppliers of affordable family tents in the world.

These Montana Coleman Tents come in a variety of sizes for different families and their needs. Here is a look at this unique tent in all it's various sizes.

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Coleman Montana Tent Reviews

The Coleman Montana 6 Tent and 4 Man Tent

The Coleman Montana Tent for families of 4 and 6 are different in size but have all the same features.

These features include:

  • One room cabin tents
  • WeatherTec system
  • fly cover extends over front door and has wings
  • cool air port for better ventilation
  • electrical access ports
  • reverse angle windows
  • Insta clip attachments
  • Interior gear pocket
  • 1 year warranty

The Coleman Montana 4 tent has a 9 foot 7 inch foot print and a center height of 59″ while the 6 man tent has a 12 foot 7 inch footprint and 68 inch center height.

The changes in center height between the 4, 6, and man Montana tent is a bit confusing; it is as though the Coleman company thinks the less family members there are the shorter they are.

However, it also must be noted that this particular company is not the only one that makes lower center heights for less people.

The 8 Man Coleman Montana Tent

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent has all the features of the 4 and 6 man tents with the exceptions that the door design in this tent is changed somewhat.

This door is a hinged door, that swings open and closed for easier entrance and exits and less stress on the zipper. It has a foot print of 16 feet 7 inches and a center height of 74″ making this one large roomy tent.

There is also an Elite version of the 8 man Montana tent called the Big Skye Elite Tent. This tent is the exact same size as the 8 man tent and has all the same features with the addition of a battery operated light that can be replaced.

Consumer Reviews of the Coleman Montana Tent

Ironically despite the fact that the Coleman Montana Tent is the same tent just sized differently with an improved door design in the 8 man and elite and the addition of the light in the elite, reviews seem to vary somewhat depending on the tent size.

While none of these tents got terrible reviews, the 6 man tent tended to score lower overall, than the 4 or 8 man and the 8 man tended to score higher overall than even the elite. Though the tent did have it’s pros and cons overall.

Pros of The Coleman Montana Tent

All of the sizes of these Coleman Tents received positive reviews for:

  • Price
  • roominess
  • electrical ports several people actually said they loved the multiple power ports.
  • rugged floor
  • good design
  • Both the 8 man and the elite got kudos for the hinged door design and one reviewer stated that the “hinged door is so much better than regular zip doors”

Overall, there were few cons for the Montana Tent the most common one being that the tent was hard to fit in the bag.

Other negatives included:

  • No real vestibule
  • and that the tent sagged when beach camping

There were also some mixed positives and negatives with some people stating that the Coleman Montana Tent was easy to set up and others stating that it was extremely difficult to pitch.

While most reviewers felt that this tent kept them extremely dry a couple mentioned that water leaked in at the corners.


Overall, the Coleman Montana Tent seems to be a good quality tent for the price. It has many nice features that families can appreciate such as it’s roominess and electrical ports.

The addition of the hinged doors on the 8 man and elite models and the interior light for the elite model are all things that will add to the comfort of camping.

While the reviews were somewhat mixed users had more positive than negative things to say about the Coleman Montana 6 Tent and other sizes.

This may be a good choice for families who want a roomy tent at a reasonable price and can’t afford the top line tents with all the bells and whistles.