Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent Review

Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent

The Coleman Instant 8 Person Tent has to be one of the easiest tents to set up which is what families find a great advantage when setting up tents at camp.

This tent is also notably roomy.

While the Coleman Instant tents range are not equipped for rain storms and adverse weather conditions they have their place among those summer campers needing a basic shelter that's easy to pitch.

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Setting Up/Pitching

Tents don’t get any easier than this to set up which is the main selling point for the Coleman 8 person 14×8 instant tent.

The telescopic poles and center hub are attached to the shell of the tent which allows this shelter to be set up in minutes. A user just takes the tent out the bag provided, spreads it out and extends the poles then clicks each of the poles into place.

Once the tent poles are extended all that needs to be done is to stake it down through the loops that are sewn into the base of the tent then pitch out the guy-lines.

The tent stakes are basic types that are never going to be the greatest but, they work. If a buyer wants to and needs the tent to be well staked down they could buy a much better set to replace the standard ones.


This Instant tent model is advertised to sleep 8 people. This is not going to happen unless the whole group uses sleeping pads.

Fitting two queen sized air mattresses and all the gear needed for a weekend camp out seems to be a great fit or maybe two twins (single beds) and a queen.

As mentioned above the near vertical walls and 6 ft. 4 in of height make it nice and roomy even for the tallest of fathers.


The Coleman 8 person Instant tent really is the ultimate summer shelter when you take a look at the ventilation it offers. Seven windows that can be opened and two ceiling vents provides plenty of air circulation when its needed, then they can be closed to keep the warmth inside.

We wouldn’t expect the Instant 8 to weather the worst of conditions as its not really designed in that way despite having what Coleman call the Weathertec-System.

Some users have experienced storms and had no issues at all while other users have sprung leaks.

Our best advice would be to use this as a summer tent for those that never experience many downpours and strong winds. If you expect this kind of weather this shelter and others that are similar in design are not the best performers.


We’ve had no reports about problems with the fabrics or poles becoming damaged which is encouraging. Taking care of setting the Instant up, taking it down and storage will make sure the tent gets in the back of the car for plenty of summer camp outs.

Value For Money

Coleman have a price tag on it for $309.99 US which is quite expensive when comparing this type of tent with others. However, there’s many stores that have it on sale for $200 or less. At $200 it’s a great buy!


The Coleman Instant 8 man tent is best suited for a small family summer camping. the most obvious advantage of having a tent like this is how easy it sets up. the other main features we like is the amount of windows for ventilation and the ease of access in and out.

Although this Coleman tent sets up easily and has no rain-fly to stake down it isn’t going to want to weather storms, although a one off storm might just be fine.

For the right person understanding the pros and cons of the Instant and can pick it up for around $200 its a great buy.