Black Diamond HiLight Tent Review

Black Diamond HiLight Tent

The Black Diamond HiLight Tent is another ultralight tent from Black Diamond that has the single wall design made from their NanoShield fabric, designed to be very breathable and water resistant.

Let's begin this review by explaining that Black Diamond tents are not designed for the casual car camper or for once a year recreational use. These tents are designed for those who want to get far from the beaten path and need a lightweight durable tent to take along to protect them from the elements.

The HiLight tent is no different in this respect. This one person (or cozy 2 person) tent is designed for backpackers and even alpine adventurers who are looking for a high-performance tent that won't weight them down.

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Black Diamond HiLight Tent Overview

For those who are familiar with the Black Diamond Firstlight tent, it is easy to think of the HiLight as the next and improved version of the Firstlight. Though a different shape, their floor area is about the same, yet the HiLight comes in slightly lighter.

The HiLight also has steeper walls, a cross pole design and a large trapezoidal shaped door that makes it feel a bit more spacious and roomy. Though it can still be a tight fit for 2 people, especially if any of the campers are near or above 6 feet tall.

The addition of 13 square foot vestibule though might make the difference, giving you extra room for your gear and helping to keep you drier getting in and out of this tent in wet weather. At less than a pound in weight, it may be worth taking along if you don’t mind the extra cost of buying it separate. The HiLight in this way shows how small design changes can make a huge difference to comfort.

Features Of The Black Diamond HiLight

  • 1 or 2 person four season tent
  • 2.5 pole design
  • Drip free awning
  • Mesh window in door and also on the back wall
  • Nano shield single wall fabric
  • Aluminum poles
  • Minimum weight 2 pounds 12 ounces: average weight 3 pounds 2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 81″ X50″ X 40″
  • Free standing
  • Optional Vestibule ( bought separately)

How This Tent Rates In Reviews

The Black Diamond Hilight Tent rates extremely high in reviews across the internet, typically scoring anywhere from 4.4 to 5 stars out of 5 stars on many outdoor gear sites. The only exception is on Amazon, where it scores a little lower due to reviews that repeat that it did not handle rain or condensation very well.

Overall, reviewers cited everything from the sturdy but, lightweight aluminum poles to the large trapezoid door as reasons for loving this tent.

Here is what they specifically liked and disliked about this tent.

Pros Of The Hilight:

  • Lightweight “This tent is unbelievably light.” (MooseJaw review)
  • Works in all kinds of weather conditions rain, snow, high winds. Here are some specific things that reviewers had to say about this tent’s ability to withstand weather. “works well in blizzards.” (MooseJaw review) “Great for hot Yosemite summers. “(Buzzillion review)
  • Well ventilated
  • Roomy
  • Dependable “Hasn’t let me down yet” (Buzzillion Review)

Cons Of The HiLight:

  • Can be difficult to put together until you learn how
  • Seams are not sealed.
  • Condensation: A single wall tent will always be more vulnerable to condensation compared to a double wall tent (rain fly and inner tent)


While the Black Diamond HiLight Tent may not be the ideal tent for the casual camper it certainly is a great tent for those rugged trailblazers who want a dependable tent that is light to carry and will protect them from the harsh elements that is part of an explorers life.

For those who enjoy life on the rugged somewhat wilder side this tent is highly recommended.