Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 Review

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1

The Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 is another lightweight backpackers tent supplied by Big Agnes for a one man 3 season outdoor adventure seeker.

The Big Agnes line of tents are designed and manufactured by people who are really into outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, and skiing.

They know the Colorado back country pretty well and they know what they want from a tent that is going to be their home away from home when out on the trail.

They design their tents to meet their own needs for warmth and comfort. The Big Agnes Seedhouse SL 1 tent is made for those who want to hit the road for solo days and nights of total freedom.

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Features of the Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 Tent

The Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 is designed to be a one man tent allowing for a little more room than a bivy sack for those who want a little more space.

The trail weight of this tent is around 2 pounds 6 ounces making it light enough to still carry on those combined hiking/camping trips while offering an excellent shelter from the elements.

Features of the Seedhouse SL1 include:

  • 3 season tent that uses the hub pole system
  • Walls are woven nylon mesh
  • DAC feather lite NSL Pole
  • Mesh pocket above the door
  • 2 door design

Due to it’s small size and great design this one man tent can be pitched into nooks and crannies those big tents simply can’t go making it the ideal shelter for all types of camping venues from beaches to mountain terrain and everything in between.

Reviews For The Big Agnes SL1 Tent

Reviews for the Big Agnes SL1 are very positive, with this tent receiving 4 out of 5 stars from various websites across the board.

Actual users find this tent both comfortable and durable and most said they would recommend it to other users. Here are just a couple of the typical comments made by users of this tent. “When set up properly this tent rocks!….100% waterproof. ” (Buzzillion review) and “I would recommend this tent to anyone looking for an ultra light tent.” (REI review)

Advantages Of The SL1 Tent

  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to set up
  • Good fly
  • Small package size for carrying
  • Protects well against the elements

Disadvantages Of The Seedhouse SL1 tent

There are a few things that users of the Seedhouse SL 1 would like to see changed.

  • Vestibule size. Some users feel that the vestibule is too small to really be of any use.
  • Slope roof not great for any one over 6 ft tall.
  • Due to all the stake out points this tent takes too long to put up in foul weather.

In most cases users did not feel these disadvantages detracted much from this tents usefulness or comfort except when those over 6 ft wanting to sit up inside the tent.


Overall most users loved this tents small size and easy portability. They found it both durable and comfortable and several of the reviews were written by owners who had owned and used the same Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 tent for 3 and 4 years.

This would be a great tent for anyone who enjoys biking, hiking, and camping off the beaten track who wants a light weight and comfortable tent to provide them great shelter from all the elements.