Reviews of Northwest Territory Tents

Northwest territory tents are among the most inexpensive tents for camping. On this page we have reviewed some, as well as searched around to find out which models are the most popular.

Northwest Territory TentsWhen you are looking for a budget-friendly choice for your camping trip, Northwest Territory camping tents are a popular choice, but can be hard to find. Sears carries the brand now, but models can also be found easily on Amazon.

Northwest Territory offers many inexpensive options, like the 2-Person Sierra Dome tent that can often be found under $50, as well as very large group camping tents, like the Grand Canyon 12-person tent. In addition, the tents tend to be popular among novice campers, as well as those who enjoy family or group camping, due to the ease and simplicity that goes into the set up.

As with any budget tent, not all tents are equipped for every job and situation. Therefore, you can use the information on this page to help you with buying the best Northwest Territory tent for your needs and situation.

Below, you will find information to help you consider the right tent according to your next trip, but first you can utilize our comparison table for a quick look at some key features of some of the best Northwest Territory tents. Besides giving you a quick glance at their cost and sizes, clicking on each tent will allow you to read more customer reviews to give you a better sense of their quality. Then you will need to consider whether Northwest Territory tents are worth the buy for your next trip.

Comparing Some Of The Best Northwest Territory Tents

PictureNameCapacityFloor AreaMax HeightRatingPrice
Northwest Territory Grand Canyon 20' x 12' 12 - Person House Tent12 person192 sq ft84"-$$$$
Northwest Territory Front Porch Cabin 10 Person Family Tent10 person200 sq ft86"4.5$$$
Northwest Territory Eagle River 18'x10' Tent with Quick Camp Insta-Frame8 person144 sq ft78"4.5$$
Northwest Territory The Homestead 21' x 14' Tent12 person262 sq ft82"4.0$$$
Northwest Territory Northwoods 6-person Tent6 person93 sq ft66"4.0$$
Northwest Territory Sierra Dome Tent2 person49 sq ft46"4.2$
Northwest Territory 2 Person River's Edge2 person49 sq ft40"-$
Northwest Territory 10 ft. Screenhouse-100 sq ft82"3.8$

Full Reviews Of Northwest Territory Tents

Meet The Manufacturer – About Northwest Territory Tents

One of the largest tent manufacturers in the world is NorthPole USA. They are responsible for manufacturing a number of the Northwest Territory tents.

Although NorthPole has a number of offices located around the world, close to all of the production takes place in Xiamen, China. However, NorthPole does not exclusively manufacturer Northwest tents. Various others companies additionally manufacturer the tents as well as service them.

Most of the time, if you want to know the name of the manufacturer, all you have to do is look at the tags inside of the tent.

Sears and Kmart (both the same company nowadays) are the main stores that carry Northwest Territory tents, but you can also find several models on Amazon. Throughout the years, Northwest Territory has become a brand synonymous with value tents that do the job.

Northwest Territory Tents Reviewed

As with many of the other budget tent manufacturers, you can find Northwest Territory tents in quite a few different sizes, in addition to tents for various purposes. There are family tents, small dome tents, popup screen tents, and more. Overall, they offer a line of small to mid-sized dome tents for small camping trips, as well as the larger types for lake and family camping.

Their cabin style tents are popular models, and they have several versions that can house over 10 people, and up to 12.

Different Types, Styles & Sizes

Backpacking: These types of tents tend to be lightweight and are easy to carry. The tents are additionally crafted so they are easy to put away. The smallest of this kind fits one to two people. Many of their backpacking tents range from 8′ X 7.5′ to 9′ X 7′. Among these types, the Northwestern Dome tent is one of the most popular.

Dome Tents: The most common sizes are small to mid-sized and large/family. In addition, each of the size has features related to their size.

Normally, the tents range from small to sizes that are large enough to accommodate a small family, plus more.

The small to mid-size tents, fit anywhere from 2-3 people to 4-6. Most of these tents are within the area of 9 X 7 to 14 X 10. The Northwest Territory Rectangular Silver Dome Tent and First-Up Tent are the two most popular within this area.

The Family/Large Northwest Territory Dome Tents: Generally, the smallest can fit 6-8 people. On average, most of the larger tents can fit ten adults. These tents usually start around 17ft X 12 and go up to 19.3 X16.5.

Cabin Tents: These types of tents tend to have a larger capacity than the dome tents. In addition, they tend to have more a variety for which people can choose. One of the most common sizes within this type is 14 X 14. Some of the vacation homes or cottages can fit up to twelve people. One of the most popular among this type is the Vacation Home with a closet.

Some examples of the different variations are:

  • Cabana style tent
  • Vacation Home (with and without a closet)
  • Cabana Style with side rooms
  • Bristol Bay
  • Family Cabin
  • Cottage
  • Dome
  • Popular Northwest territory tents

As discussed earlier, the Northwest Territory Dome tent, Rectangular Silver Dome Tent, and Vacation Home with a closet are favored by many. Although not mentioned earlier, the First-Up tent also has had a number of good reviews. Below, you will find further information on these tents.

The Northwest Territory First-Up Dome Tent, 9 X 9

The Northwest Territory First-Up Dome TentThe First-Up Dome tent is a 9 X 9 dome tent, which offers a stylish appearance and comfort at the same time.

This Northwest territory camping tent sleeps up to four adults and offers simplicity and ease with its set up. It is considered one of the best tents by Northwest for someone who is an inexperienced camper.


  • 9 ft. X 9 ft.
  • 65 in. center height
  • 21.57 lbs. Weight


  • Two cup holders
  • Two organizers
  • Rainfly
  • push button night light
  • Easy popup assembly with patented First-Up frame
  • Loft rack
  • Power pocket for ease with hooking up electricity
  • Mud mat
  • Features GoBe Dry for the best rain protection
  • Center remote tent light
  • Large door and back screened windows

Customer Reviews

In general, a number of customers felt the First-Up dome tent offered a good value for their money. Many mentioned how the zippers worked well, while others were impressed on the quality and workmanship put in.

Some of the other features that was popular, involved the cordless night light as well as the cup holders. Although, most referred to the setup of the tent as easy, a number of individuals did not agree.

Below, you will find a list of Pros and Cons according to the customers. Although not mentioned below, a few customers referred to the poles as breaking easily or not appearing they would hold.


  • Provides ample room for 4 people
  • Waterproof
  • Mat provided for shoes left outdoors
  • Large zipper that does not snag
  • Taped seams on the rainfly
  • Easy setup
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Inexpensive


  • Assembly may pose a difficulty for those who are new to camping
  • poles breaking easily

Northwest Territory Dome Tent

Most agree that the 8 X 7.5 Dome tent is a great buy. This is especially the case when you need to have something that is quick and easy to use when you are backpacking.

Although the tent specifies a sleeping limit of 2-3 people, some have found that they can work past this. In general, the tent appears an economic choice for those who do not want to spend a ton of money on a tent.


  • 6.9 lbs.
  • 8 ft. X 7.5 ft. base
  • 50.25 sq. ft. total
  • Sleeps 2-3 people
  • 48 inches center height
  • P/Taffetta 600 mm tent
  • P.E. in binding floor


  • Polyethelene mud mat
  • Two shoe pockets
  • Gear loft
  • Normal pocket
  • Mud Mat
  • Carrying bag
  • Ventilation in top and door

Customer Reviews

The Dome tent, most customers felt was easy to assemble and quick. The same went with the stowaway of the tent as well. Many felt that the tent did not provide enough ventilation, but that the design in general was good.

A number of different customers felt that the Dome tent did not offer enough room when they were sharing it with other people. However, most felt that it offered more than enough room for one person. A few customers felt it was just the right size for two people.


  • Cheap
  • Off the floor storage
  • Packs small
  • Value
  • Good for one person with a lot of stuff
  • Easy to setup and put away
  • One piece tarp as floor
  • Light and good for backpacking


  • Not enough room for people with too much stuff
  • Leaks during rainstorms
  • Lacks ventilation
  • Not enough storage room
  • Floor does not extend up wall in order to protect from leaking

Northwest Territory Rectangular Silver Dome Tent, 10 X 8

Northwest Territory TentsThe Rectangular Silver dome tent offers style in addition to comfort. Ultimately, it is considered an economic choice for a quality cheap tent. In addition, the tent features a stylish design and plenty of ventilation.


  • 10 ft. X 8 ft. Base
  • 21.57 lbs.
  • Blue/Yellow Design


  • Corded poles
  • Foldable rainfly
  • Rear vents
  • Canvas type bottom
  • Use of quality materials
  • 2 large windows for good cross ventilation

Customer Reviews

The silver dome tent impressed a number of customers. Many felt the assembly was simple and quick. In addition, some commented on the quality of materials used as surprising due to the low price.


  • Easy assembly
  • Ample room
  • Elastic corded poles
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Stylish
  • Quality materials


  • Small entryway
  • Hard to put away

Northwest Territory Vacation Home Cabin Tent/ with Closet

Northwest Territory Camping TentIf you have a large family or plan to go on a camping trip with other people, then the vacation home with closet will give you more than enough room. This Northwest territory camping tent is large enough to fit 10 adults within 3 rooms. The closets located in the rear, along with a clothesline for the storage of various personal items. In addition, numerous other storage options are included as well.


  • 2 ft. closet
  • Sleeps 10
  • 203 total sq. ft.
  • 90 inch center height
  • Outer portion of tent measures 16 X 14 ft.
  • Inner Portion of tent measures 14 X 14 ft.
  • Each room measure 14 X 7


  • Three large rooms
  • 2 Convenience Pockets
  • Hanging shelf
  • 7 mesh windows
  • Easy setup
  • Remote tent light
  • Wheeled expandable carry bag
  • Wire corded steel poles
  • Large Screened in front room
  • Sewn in hanging room divider
  • Option to change tent to two room with porch
  • Large mesh roof for ventilation
  • Fiberglass poles that are shock corded
  • Color-coded and shock corded poles
  • Equipped with clothesline in rear closet
  • Power Pocket provided for electrical cords
  • Rain protection that lasts with the Everdry Rain System

Customer Reviews

Many customers enjoyed the amount of space they were given with the Vacation Cabin with closet. One of the common features that most every customer commented on was the amount of storage they gained with the tent.

In addition, many liked how they could store away their clothes easily. One of the other popular features was the screened in porch.

On the other hand, a few customers complained about the difficulty of putting the tent together in addition to it starting to fall apart. However, very few of these complaints occurred.


  • Sturdy
  • Spacious
  • Elastic poles keep them together
  • Ability to change from 3 room into two room with a porch
  • Easy storage and convenience of hanging clothes in closet
  • Large front room that is screened in
  • Does not leak
  • Front wall opens completely
  • Fits back into bag easily
  • Considered a good buy
  • Great for people who are tall


  • Not all of the poles are marked
  • No end caps on poles
  • Poor elastic used in poles
  • Reported problems with rainfly application and protection from rain when doors opened
  • Setup takes practice to learn
  • Problems with getting poles to snap into place
  • No window on back wall
  • Does not include floor mat

Before Buying Northwest Territory Tents

Before buying Northwest Territory tents browse other tent reviews to compare value for money. The Northwest territory camping tent as stated above is for the budget minded, recreational camper.

If we were to advise anyone to choose camping tents, we would point consumers towards other tent brands, because of quality (much higher price range). However, the Northwest territory tent does rate as value for money.