Finding The Best Kelty Tents Of 2024

When searching for a quality tent, Kelty tents rise above many other tent brands for backpacking, hiking or car camping trips when it comes to affordability and quality.

Kelty has a fairly large range of tents and shelters to choose from. The tents are not the top-of-the-line or the cheapest, however, they tend to have premium features and are made of quality material similar to  tents in higher price ranges.

We have compiled the best Kelty tents of 2024 in the lists below. We’ve organized them by capacity for your convenience. Feel free to browse, and continue down the page for more details on the features of Kelty tents.

The Best Kelty Tents Of 2024

PhotoNameFloor AreaSeason RatingPacked WeightRatingPrice
Kelty Salida 1 Tent20 sq ft3 Season3 lbs 14 oz4.9$
Kelty Gunnison 1.3 Tent with Footprint18 sq ft3 Season4 lbs 9 oz4.6$
PhotoNameFloor AreaSeason RatingPacked WeightRatingPrice
Kelty Outfitter 2 Pro Tent, 2-Person35 sq ft3 Season 6 lb 14 oz5.0$$
Kelty Gunnison 2.3 Tent with Footprint30 sq ft3 Season5 lbs 14 oz4.7$$
Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Tent30 sq ft3 Season4 lbs 12 oz4.7$$
Kelty TN 2 Person Tent27.5 sq ft3 Season4 lbs 13 oz4.4$$$
Kelty Yellowstone 2 Tent30 sq ft3 Season5 lbs 7 oz4.4$
Kelty Acadia 2-Person Tent32 sq ft3 Season7 lb 8 oz4.2$
PhotoNameFloor AreaSeason RatingPacked WeightRatingPrice
Kelty Trail Ridge 3 Tent44 sq ft3 Season6 lbs 5 oz4.7$$
Kelty Outfitter 3 Pro Tent, 3-Person46 sq ft3 Season7 lbs 14 oz4.6$$
Kelty TN 3 Person Tent39.5 sq ft3 Season5 lbs 8 oz4.5$$$
Kelty Gunnison 3.3 Tent with Footprint45 sq ft3 Season7 lbs 6 oz4.3$$
PhotoNameFloor AreaSeason RatingPacked WeightRatingPrice
Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Tent54.5 sq ft3 Season7 lbs 7 oz5.0$
Kelty Trail Ridge 4 Tent55.25 sq ft3 Season11 lbs 4 oz4.7$$
Kelty Acadia 4-Person Tent58 sq ft3 Season11 lbs 10 oz4.3$
Kelty Acadia 6 Tent80 sq ft3 Season16 lbs4.3$$

Full Reviews Of Kelty Tents

  • Kelty Gunnison 2.3
    Kelty Gunnison 2 Person Tent
    Setting Up/Pitching This Kelty tent is extremely easy to set up due to its hubbed pole design with Jacob feet. Users report that they can set ...
  • Kelty Yellowstone 6
    Kelty Yellowstone 6
    Setting Up/Pitching Setting up the Kelty Yellowstone 6 is made easy with the color coded clip construction. Clip construction is easier than ...
  • Kelty Gunnison 3.3
    Kelty Gunnison 3.3
    Setting Up/Pitching The DAC poles and swivel hub system combined with the Jacob’s feet make setting up this tent a breeze even for the ...
  • Kelty Gunnison 4.3 Tent
    Kelty Gunnison 4.3
    Setting Up/Pitching The simple two pole attached pitching design makes it extremely easy for one person to pitch despite it’s larger size. ...

About Kelty Tents

Kelty has a range of backpacking, car camping, and family tents.

The backpacking tents are all affordable options relative to the premium brand backpacking tents. Kelty backpacking tents are generally durable construction, rated 3 season, and an appropriate weight for trekking with.

The family-sized and car camping models go up to an 8 person capacity and are good options for group camping or weekend trips.


Most Kelty tents are 3 season types intended for spring, summer and fall use. They’re best suited for summer, the end of spring, and the beginning of fall.


In addition to their tents, Kelty has a few sunshades, screen houses, and tarps to offer as accessories.

Reports From Buyers About The Company

We have had no issues reported to us regarding repairs or returning tents that are covered by the warranty. If you have anything you would like to report good or bad please let us know.

The Warranty

Kelty has the warranty policy covered well. Kelty tents have a limited life time warranty that some of the higher price end tent companies do not provide. It’s good to see!

Where To Buy

Kelty camping tents are sold in the US and Canada. You can of course buy from the official Kelty website if you would like. Other online options for purchase include REI and Amazon.