Comparing The Best Coleman Camping Tents

The various Coleman camping tents reviewed here provides the pros and cons of each model which can help you decide if they’re suitable for your next outdoors adventure.

Some of the most popular tents by Coleman, includes the Weathermaster, Montana, Exponent, Coleman Sundome, and other tent ranges.

Many tent buyers report their love for Coleman camping tents, whilst others disagree and don’t believe the company lives up to it’s standards, compared to other gear they provide.

For the budget minded campers…

Most will agree Coleman offers many tents for the budget minded recreational campers. They have a lot of gear including tent’s that are suited for those that don’t want to buy the most expensive equipment.

Not all buyers can afford or even need to buy the most expensive tent types, so they weigh up the cost of a tent as well as suitability for their camping needs, whilst trying to avoid compromising to much in quality.

The Best Coleman Camping Tents Of 2024

PhotoNameCapacityFloor AreaMax HeightRatingPrice
Coleman Sundome Tent6100 sq ft6 ft4.5$$
Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent8112 sq ft6 ft 2 in4.3$
Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Tent, Black8170 sq ft6 ft4.3$
Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')8140 sq ft6 ft 5 in4.4$$
Coleman Evanston 6 Screened Tent6140 sq ft5 ft 7 in4.4$
Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent690 sq ft6 ft 2 in4.5$
Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent6153 sq ft6 ft 10 in4.3$$
Coleman Longs Peak 6-Person Fast Pitch Dome Tent6100 sq ft6 ft4.5$

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